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You know you like Hikari too much when you:

-You have a brother named Taichi
-Have a pet cat named Gatomon
-You are only in love with guys named Takeru or Daisuke
-You keep repeating this quote, digi-armor Energize!
-You keep taking screen shots with your digital camera
-When there? trouble you think it? the Digimon Emperor, Myotismon or one of the Dark Masters
-You dress like her and changed your name to Hikari or Kari
-You are obsessed with her like thinking of her and etc
-Keep wishing your in the DigiWorld fighting evil
-Whenever you're on a bridge, you think of Wizardmon
-You always wear a tank top, shorts, boots, knee socks, a digital camera around your neck, long gloves and a clip on the left side
-You're in love with her
-You go crazy when ever you see her on screen