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This is where Tai had a flashback about 4 years ago when the original Digidestined saw Greymon and Parrotmon fight.

This is what Kari's wears in the first Digimon movie, it's where Greymon and Parrotmon fought. She wears a reddish orange shirt and yellow pants.

This is when we first saw Kari in Home Away From Home. She is wearing her pyjamas, it's orange and she's wearing the whistle.

In 01, this is what Kari wears. It is a yellow tank top, pink capris, red and white tennis shoes, a scarf, a whistle and white socks.

This is what Kari wears in the second movie, Bokura No War Game. In this movie, it's winter, so she wears a pink sweater, a pink bow and no whistle.

Now it's summer in Japan and Kari wears a pink and white tank top, yellow shorts, long pink gloves, pink boots, a hair clip, long white socks and replaced her whistle with a digital camera. This is what Kari wears in the third Digimon movie.

This is recently in one of the episodes. This is what Kari wears now as her pyjamas, it's pink like most of her clothes

This is Kari's summer outfit, it has a white tank top with little diamonds on it, a yellow scarf like in 01, purple shorts, she puts her camera in a back pocket and a pink hair clip.

Now it's winter in Japan and the Christmas spirit is in the hearts of all the Digidestined. Kari wears a white hat, brown scarf, long pink sweater with brown pockets at the side, tan coloured tights, white socks, brown boots and her famous pink hair clip.