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Kari has the crest of light in season one but not for long because it was destoried by Apocalymon. Kari didn't find her crest, Wizardmon (Gatomon's friend) gave it to her. He possed it by stealing from Myotismon, he decided to find the eighth child he had to make copies of Kari's crest. He did that because the crest will still react when Kari is near by. Now when Gatomon digivolves she can digivolve to Angewomon.

Now in Digimon 02, Kari posses the digiegg of light. In episode three, the Digimon Emperor was attacking the group, so while, Daisuke and Miyako attacked the Tyranomon, the rest went in search of the new digieggs. They had to hide in a nearby cave, they saw something shiny at the back, so they went to see what it was. When they got in they see two digieggs with the crest of hope and light. Now Gatomon can armor digivolve in Nefertimon.