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In Digimon 01, this is Kari's digivice. She also posses it in 02 for 3 episodes.

This is Kari's crest, light. It helps Gatomon to digivolve to her ultimate form, Angewomon. It will given to her by Wizardmon.

This is what holds the crest. It also helps the digivolving process.

This is the new model of digivices, called d3 but hers is pink. It also helps Gatomon to armor digivolve into, Nefertimon

This is Kari's digiegg of light. It helps Gatomon to armor digivolve into Nefertimon. She uses this because Apocalymon destoried it. She found it in a cave with TK

All of them has the d-terminal, it's a way they all tell each other if they're in danger.

Kari's whistle is very important to her but in Digimon 02 it's replaced by something else!

Kari's whistle is replaced by her digital camera, she uses to take pictures of the digital world or other things.