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How Nefertimon Became to Be

After Hikari and Takeru found out that their was a new group of Digidestined, they didn't think why their Digimon was able to come to back to the real world like the others did. They were all headed back to the digital world to stop the Digimon Emperor, when he launched a secret attack on them with Tyaromon. Daisuke and Miyako said that they would hold them off while the rest of them find the other digieggs. So Iori lead the way with Hikari and Takeru right behind him but then Ken ordered Tyaromon to stop them. So they had to run into this nearby cave, when they stopped to see if he was still following them, Iori noticed something glowing further back, sure enough Hikari said they got to be the digieggs. She also saw two symbols that looked really familar to her and she said that they had the crests of light and hope on it. When they went closer, Tailmon said that these digieggs were meant for the two of them but Hikari and Takeru was thinking what might happen. But anyway they picked it up and Tailmon and Patamon armor digivolved into Nefertimon and Pegasumon. They stopped the Tyaromon with their linking attack Golden Noose.