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How Angewomon Became to Be

When Gatomon found out she was the eighth Digimon, she and Wizardmon had to get the real crest from Myotismon. So they had to go to Myotismon's secret hide-out find the crest and give it back to Kari but when they found it Myotismon had to punish them. He first threw Wizardmon into the sea, so Gatomon lost his best friend and Myotismon found out Gatomon's secret. He took her as a hostage for the eighth child to show her face to him and that he can destroy her.
Likely, Wizardmon wasn't destroyed and he still had the crest, he appeared infront of Joe, TK, Patamon and Zudomon. He told them that he had the to give the crest to Kari, then they figured out that Kari was the eighth child. So they helped him to find their way back to Odaiba and to help Kari and Gatomon.
Tai and Kari had to escape from the Digimon that attacked their home and took their mother. So when they pasted this building, Matt and Gabumon told them to come in, they are now safe from the monsters. Until Tai and Agumon left to save the other children and parents, so they met up with Sora, and Tai told her where Matt was but Phantommon was listening. So he met up with them and started attacking, but Kari was fed up with it and gave herself to him.
Myotismon now knows that Kari is the eighth child, but on the way was Wizardmon with the crest and to save the day. As the Digidestined reached Kari, they gave her the digivice and crest but DemiDevimon took the digivice. Then Myotismon gave an attack to Kari and Gatomon but the only to save them was for Wizardmon to step in and take the attack. Then Kari's digivice and crest began glowing and Gatomon started to digivolve into an angel, Angewomon.